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Technical Info - PC14 Micro

Orbotech PC-14Micro   Highest Defect and Throughput AOI System for 1-4 mil Line Widths



 Inspectable Products  

                                                    Inner layers: signal,  power/ ground,  mixed


                                                    buried vias and cross shielding


                                                    Outer layers: Drilled holes, SMT, signal, mixed and cross


                                                    shielding . Master artwork and phototools (using white background)



Inspectable Material       Bare copper, resist on copper or laminate, etched or plated copper


                                                   Phototools (using white background): silver halide on film, diazo on film


                                                        Chrome on glass         


Detected Flaws                   Minimum line/space variation; missing excess features,


                                                    annular ring violations; opens; nicks; mouse bites;


                                                    protrusions; shorts; pin holes; copper specks; dish downs;


                                                    wrong size or position of features


 Inspection Methods          Design rule check, golden board full reference comparison


 Option                                    Multiple Line Width Measurment;


                                                    No-pin Registration; CDR-14, CAM download reference comparison;


                                                          RefManager, automated CAM-AOI setup                           


 Panel Size                              24”x24” , Inspection area 23.5”x23.5” 


Continuous Resolution    0.1 to 0.3 mils (2.5 to 7.5 microns)


Throughput                        Panel size                                12" x 12"                      18”x24”

                                                    Detection Resolution (mil)     0.3       0.1                      0.3     0.1     


                                                   (including load/unload)           140      34                       80      15

 Defect Verification            On-system verification, VRS-4i, VRS-4m  


 Dimension and weight:  Scanner:  68"x88"x67"  about  2000 lb.

       Electrical  Cabin:   40"x24"x68"   about  700 lb.


Power requirements:  Three-phase (208V) 60 Hz connections: 3.5 KVA.

Sampling and Registration