Cockpit is an organizational software system for managements. It enables the CEO and his deputies to be fluently focused on the critical areas they define and get comprehensive view of the organization performance. This enables them to:


·         See at a glance:  what needs immediate attention, what's off-track, what important

action to take, what the results caused by resolutions change.

·         Achieve immediate perspective: a new perspective of the organization, comparing every data of current performance to its previous results, to its budget and even to its forecasted performance.

·         Get fast focus on bottleneck area. Instead of wasting precious time finding the cause of a problem, get it on the spot.

·         See ten times results data on single display. Present all critical performance indicators together for a one view of every unit within the organization.

·         Drill down easily to supporting data. To analyze the data underneath, to understand what exact reasons led to the results.

·         Take immediate corrective action. To identify problems before they happen and make changes to continually improve results.

·         Accelerate business pace. To create and control a monthly budget, effortlessly and get ability for fast response to cope with market changes and performance changes.

·         Set immediate management global meeting. To get ability to set meetings from everywhere, any time, with no need for preparation. 

·         Enjoy Managing at ease. Instead of worrying about wasting time gathering information, they get now time to empower their people, to encourage managers and workers leadership, to maximize their results.

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