Flying Probe Testers

Caltek USA sells, buys, services, provides technical training programs and offers evaluation prior to purchase of any used: 
Any Probot Flying Probes 
Mania Speedy 

Sell and Buy:

Caltek USA buys and sells all types of Probot Testers such as: 880, 600SD, QC, 6D,  and Super Six D. We also looking to buy Mania Speedy testers.

Please let us know about your used equipment.


Now you can buy affordable services for your machines in and out of the US.


We carry many generic parts to support your Testers as: PROBE TIPS (for 600SD, 6D, QC, S6D, 6000), Motors, Slides, Encoders, Power Supplies, Servo Amp., Sensors, Bushes, Belts etc.. . We also repair, refurbish and exchange defective boards. 
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Be less dependent on outside services; get training and remote support.