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AOI - Training

We Train on AOI:

As a remote customer, we can help you become independent of outside services.  Our extensive training program includes 2-4 days of on-site training, followed by telephone and email support.

Here is a 2 day model of out training program for AOI V206/206E:


  • Basic understanding of the AOI principals.
  • Understanding the function of each module in the system.
  • How to focus on the real problem and eliminate false indication.
  • How to follow written instructions (from Caltek) to perform simple tests.
  • How to perform minor maintenance / repair activities independently.

Requirement of Technical background. 
Electrical and / or mechanical background. Understanding of basic electrical measurements (Volts and resistance).

Day #1

  • Overview and operating.
  • MU (Mechanical Unit) - Modules, function and location.
  • EU (Electronic Unit) - function and location.
  • MU and EU understanding and how to use the LED's

Day #2

  • Basic maintenance.
  • Cameras and lamps.
  • Power supplies - troubleshooting and test.
  • Laser (head and power supply) - Indicators, counter and beam path.
  • Host computer - Quick test.
  • Scanners - Indicators.

The training is based on 8-9 hrs a day. 3 to 4 hrs. in class training and the rest on the machine.

Contact us at (949) 786-4854 for a quote.